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What NOT to do!


There are things we should do, in certain ways. What’s more important is what not to do, in certain ways!

There’s so much messaging about, ‘What to do’. From thinking positive. To have a vision. To work hard. To throw out toxic people from your …. To love oneself. There isn’t so much about, ‘What NOT to do’!

Last night we watched a movie, Kaun Pravin Tambe (English: Who is this fellow named, Pravin Tambe). In the movie, this fellow named, Pravin Tambe, who gets to fulfil his dream & passion of playing in national-level cricket is sermonised by anyone and everyone, to NOT work towards fulfilling his dream all through his life.

What not to do

But, this is NOT a movie review!

A few weeks back, we had watched another with Cricket at its centre, 83. The movie is obviously about – perhaps – the momentous occasion in the history of Indian cricket, a la, winning the 1983 Cricket World Cup Championship as the ‘under-under-dog’!

What not to do

But, this is NOT a review of this Movie, either!

Around the time, 83 was released, another movie got released; NOT a Bollywood one, but a Telugu movie, viz., Pushpa.

But, this is NOT a review of this movie, either!

It is actually about the, ‘NOT’. ‘What NOT to do’, to be precise.

Here we had a movie on the most momentous occasion in the history of Indian cricket…83. Set in picturesque the United Kingdom and its revered grounds, like ‘Lords’ With leading Bollywood stars and a power couple to boot, viz., Dipika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Social media was abuzz about it. The hero of the 1983 historic win, the then Captain of the Indian cricket team, Kapil Dev, himself promoted the movie. But the movie flopped. Meanwhile, the not-so-pan-India Telugu movie made NOT around the Indian religion of cricket, Pushpa proved to be a blockbuster!

But, this is NOT about commercial success. The movie 83, by the way, had sad (sic) to average critical reviews.

This brings us to the movie we just saw and which too, is centred around cricket… Kaun Pravin Tambe. A biopic about an unknown cricketer; the title of the movie itself, admits that Pravin Tambe is hardly known! A movie with small-time actors. Won’t know about its commercial success. But reviews have been saying, ‘a movie with grit and heart’. The movie has made Pravin Tambe, otherwise one of the thousands who have played at ‘Ranji’ level and in IPL, into a national hero. An inspiration. Pravin Tambe is now an epic, that has so much to read and learn from. While, on the other hand, the movie 83 has made the ultimate cricketing heroes into caricatures!

Clearly, which brings us to the subject of the discussion, there are things we should NOT do. Whether it is Business, Brands or People, the simplest & shortest way to success seems to be riding on the back of something big; a hero; a legend; an icon or a momentous occasion. But is it really the simplest & shortest way to success? Is it being respectful to that big personality or event? Or, is it the simplest and the shortest, way to ending up with egg on your face! Importantly turns legends into a court-jester. For instance, Rahul Dravid as road-side ruffian in a CRED ad film!

Enjoy your life. Chill. But do NOT try and bask in the glory of someone or something else. Try and do something original. Something of your own. You may fail or not achieve success, But at least, do NOT have Heroes be the strippers at your house party. Do NOT pick socio-culturally important subjects and/or personalities, if the intent is purely inward driven; if your heart isn’t into it. Just do NOT do it.

Not many may eventually see the movie, Kaun Pravin Tambe. But those who will come out wish well for Pravin Tambe. Would come out positive and maybe, inspired. Would perhaps nudge their children to indulge in their self-belief; to go through the grind towards their dreams. Those who would have seen 83 would perhaps think it is possible to be a Hero by just putting up a cheap plastic face mask of Kapil Dev on their faces!

In the end, it is NOT just about Bollywood. Or, about some movies. The implications are much deeper and much larger. It is about infusing the spirits of dreaming Big, of dreaming original, of being Passionate about it, of being obsessed about, of grit, of determination and of self-belief…of one being oneself. It is also about, NOT infusing the spirits of basking in somebody else’s glory; of being someone else; of avoiding hard work and being smart-alecky!

Important, therefore, to do certain things; in certain ways. But even more important, to NOT do certain things, in NOT certain ways!

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(Sanjeev Shukla is a corporate strategy and marketing leader with three decades of experience with Hyundai, Hero MotoCorp, Ford and the advertising world.)

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Autofintechs.com. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.)


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