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This SaaS platform tackles mental health issues. Know how


Mental health is the key subject of discussion in recent times, especially accelerated by pandemic induced situations. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is claimed to have been developed to tackle the different problems related to mental health.

Issues such as anxiety, productivity loss, loneliness, sleep disorder, etc have been becoming a major healthcare crisis. Mental health is being hugely impacted due to all these. With the pandemic here, these problems are increasing rapidly. People’s mental health is being impacted substantially because of the ongoing situations.

In such a scenario, mental health and wellbeing are now on the top of the agenda for everyone. It has become the foundation of all the activities.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), the cost to the global workforce as human productivity is declining due to mental health is going to be one trillion dollars. While the problems are impacting the entire world population, in developing countries such as India, mental health challenges are huge. MindPeers has announced the launch of an on-demand mental and behavioural healthcare SaaS platform that is claimed to be capable of addressing these issues.

The SaaS platform is claimed to have been designed by the amalgamation of digital and human care. Also, it is claimed to be the first such holistic science-based self-care technology platform in India, which has been developed locally. The startup claims that this SaaS platform tackles issues such as anxiety, grief, productivity loss, loneliness, sleep disorder, procrastination, burnout via routines, etc through self-help solutions.

The startup claims that it offers two solutions – MindCare Index and MindPeers Boats. MindCare Index is claimed to be a clinically validated measurement of individuals and organisation’s mental health, performance, personality, and culture. MindPeers Boats on the other hand is claimed to be a loneliness management tool that includes virtual support groups on everyday topics and allows consumers to set up their virtual rooms for anonymous discussions and venting out.

The SaaS platform is claimed to have a host of self-help features. These include one-on-one sessions with a performance coach, life coach, or certified psychologists, sessions on topics such as boundary management, overcoming guilt associated with procrastination, etc. It also brings a digital place that can chronicle their thoughts.

Speaking about the launch of this SaaS platform, Kanika Agarwal, co-founder, MindPeers, has said that the behavioural healthcare SaaS platform provides an entire gamut of services such as one-to-one counseling sessions, interactive group sessions on topics like boosting workplace productivity, and an index to gauge workplace wellbeing.

“When I went to therapy for my panic attacks, I realized that I needed my own time and space to feel better and process my emotions. SelfCare by MindPeers is for everyone who are looking for preventive measures to foster their mental wellness or who are still not comfortable with therapy. We want to address the gap by making one more aware of their behavioral changes in a safe environment,” Agarwal further added.

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