Sunday, February 5, 2023

The great redesign of organisations, work & workplaces ⭐


Organisations around the world have been redesigning their work pattern keeping pace with the changing dynamics. Work and workplace dimensions, too, are changing accordingly. This is a watershed moment for organizations across the world as they grapple with managing a new generation of workforce with a viewpoint about work, life, and, most importantly, quality of life that is remarkably different from the past. The existing HR and leadership playbooks are finding it difficult to interact with this new workforce, putting relationships and existing equations to the test. The process of churn has begun, setting in motion new forces that demand a complete redesign of work, workplaces, and the organization itself, as the future emerges from the flux. Employer-Employee – the new equation In today’s volatile employee-employer relationship, organizations are oscillating between WFH (Work-From-Home) or return-to-office, with decisions changing every alternative week, and employees digging in deep with average attrition reaching 25%, effectively meaning that every fourth person is quitting in the IT industry. Those who aren’t resigning are in a Quiet-Quitting mode, doing just enough to go by without putting in any extra imitative.  While some employees want the flexibility to do freelance work in their spare time, CEOs feel it is unfair and ‘cheating’ t...


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