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Tata Motors to have widest SUV portfolio in India


Tata Motors aims to have the widest portfolio of SUVs in India, targeting a bigger market share in the Indian passenger vehicle segment. SUVs are in focus of the automakers across the world and India is no different. Tata Motors being one of the key auto manufacturers of the country, aims to tap into the segment by having the widest portfolio of SUVs.

Tata Motors presently has SUVs like Nexon and Harrier in its portfolio. Under its new strategy, Tata Motors is aiming to overhaul its entire sales, aftersales and service verticals in a bid to enhance the customers’ buying experience. The company currently has more than 800 dealerships for its passenger vehicle portfolio across the country.

Shailesh Chandra, President, Passenger Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors said that the move to shift to SUVs is very clear. “There is a shift happening towards the SUV segment not only in India but globally also. In 2015 the share of SUVs in the domestic market used to be only 15% but this year it is around 30%,” said Chandra. As he believes, whosoever has greater share of SUVs in the portfolio, will have a greater share of the domestic market pie.

Tata Motors Harrier

Tata Motors has seen success with both the Nexon and Harrier SUVs. Taking note of that, Tata Motors is planning to have the widest SUV portfolio in the Indian domestic market. Guenter Butschek, MD and CEO, Tata Motors also talked about the same strategy during the Auto Expo 2020.

As Shailesh Chandra said, “Harrier has seen a significant jump from what we were doing last year on the back of the new automatic version we have come out with. Nexon did its highest ever sales last month and I hope it continues to do well.” He also informed that the homegrown automaker is now gearing up to roll out two new SUVs in the portfolio, which are codenamed as Graitas and Hornbill.

The Tata Gravitas is going to be a seven-seater variant of the already on sale Harrier SUV and it was displayed at the Auto Expo 2020. On the other hand, Hornbill is going to be a sub-4 metre compact SUV that was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020 earlier this year in the form of Tata HBX concept. With the introduction of these two new models, Tata Motors will have four SUVs in its portfolio.

The automaker plans to launch the Gravitas during the last quarter of the current financial year, while the Hornbill’s introduction timeframe is yet to be decided.

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