Saturday, June 10, 2023

Tag: Global economy

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Scrutinizing China’s maritime ambitions in the region: Geography-led-geopolitical realities

Just like it has an aggressive land expansion ambitious strategy, China also has an aggressive strategy for its maritime ambitions.

Circular economy: The way of sustainable profitability

The circular economy has been increasingly gaining popularity around the world, in various sectors. Why it is important for a sustainable and better future.

Power of small and medium businesses to achieve sustainability

By Pauline Laravoire Small and medium businesses can play a crucial role in achieving sustainability. Here's how. Sustainability does not have to be a complex concept....

A Lehman Brothers moment for China; it’s already in a balance-sheet recession ⭐

The turmoil in China's markets has sparked debate among some economists over the possibility of a “balance sheet recession. No, it wasn’t an increasingly hostile...

Rising dollar, Chinese real estate crisis, Ukraine war rock world economy; IMF to slash global growth projection again

Several global incidents like the rising strength of the dollar, China's real estate crisis, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine have disrupted the world economy...


Behavioural economics of spontaneity: What neoclassical economics does not teach us

What is the behavioural economics of spontaneity? There is...

The saga of electric vehicles: Electrocution of livelihood and cycling!

Electric vehicles are grabbing all the attention in the...

The rising significance of sustainability in business

Adopting sustainable practices is no longer optional for businesses....

The business of war!

A war is not just an armed conflict. It...