Monday, September 26, 2022

Tag: economy outlook

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A $5 trillion Indian economy by 2025: A question of feasibility ⭐

The Indian government has been dreaming of the Indian economy becoming a $5 trillion one by 2025. No wonder, it is a very ambitious...

India’s merchandise trade deficit posts record yet again

By Yuvika Singhal, Vivek Kumar and Shubhada RaoIndia's merchandise trade deficit in November 2021 surpassed the number registered in September this year. While domestic...

Current account balance and commodity prices: Where are we headed?

By Aastha GudwaniIndia's economic position is expected to be in a much better state than in 2013, anchored by contained CAD, surplus BoP, record-high...

RBI policy preview: Pause on rates and liquidity

Since March 2020, RBI has reduced repo rates to a record low of 4% through two rate cuts of 75 bps in March 2020...

Indian monsoon 2021: All well that ends well

By Yuvika Singhal, Vivek Kumar and Shubhada RaoIndia has received 99% of its monsoon rainfall this year, starting with mid-July. September rainfall, at 223...


Global IT spending & AI investment to pick up to fast-track digital transformation ⭐

Global IT spending and investment in artificial intelligence are bound to surge, and it will eventually fast-track the digital transformation.

Is football fated to fail in India?

Indian football, despite having tremendous potential, is still in...

Is Bengaluru a smart city?

Bengaluru is considered a smart city. But the recent flood has raised the question if it is truly a smart city or not.

Flipping the talent crisis to create the future-of-work ⭐

With the gradual resurgence of work from the office, companies are facing a talent crisis, as employees want to continue working from home and are even ready to leave jobs unless allowed to.