Thursday, February 2, 2023

Tag: Corporate sector innovations

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Productivity paranoia creates new tensions in workplace

Paranoia around productivity can backfire by creating tension and counterproductivity in the workplace. From firing employees for moonlighting to announcing 100% variable payment to the...

Corporate dilemma: Fixing the quiet quitting problem ⭐

Mass quitting has become a major crisis for the global work sector. Several corporate houses have seen a mass exodus of their employees. What went wrong? How to fix that?

This is how future of work arrived a bit early for companies ⭐

The work culture has changed drastically in the last two years, accelerated by the pandemic and related disruptions.

The great redesign of organisations, work & workplaces ⭐

Organisations around the world have been redesigning their work pattern keeping pace with the changing dynamics. Work and workplace dimensions, too, are changing accordingly.

The big shift – from customer first to people first ⭐

How have organisations been changing themselves from the customer-first to people-first approach? A deep dive.


Leader-shift for a hybrid world of work 2

There is a growing recognition that enterprises exist within...

Leader-shift for a hybrid world of work

Work must be refashioned into being purposeful to start...

2023: A turning point for FinTech, RegTech and Compliance?

Compliance is an ever-increasing challenge of introducing tech into...

Fallacies of forecasting and a forecast

Economists have rather unceremoniously struggled with their forecasts. But...