Thursday, September 29, 2022

Tag: artificial intelligence

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Global tennis tournaments see IBM, Infosys serving AI aces

Tennis is witnessing increasing technology penetration that is boosting its efficiency and transparency.New IBM Cloud and AI feature enhancements debuted at the Wimbledon 2022...

How European Union creates an iron dome around its data ⭐

Data safety is increasingly becoming of paramount importance and European Union takes it seriously. Here is a deep delving into the EU developed an...

How this AI-powered autonomous ship completes over 800 km voyage all by itself

An autonomous ship manoeuvring itself for nearly 804 km distance in the ocean with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is a groundbreaking technology in...

Ways artificial intelligence is changing financial planning and analysis

By Arleen AtienzaArtificial intelligence is increasingly penetrating various sectors of modern life. Financial planning and analysis is one segment where implementation of artificial intelligence...


The upward trajectory of electric vehicle in India boosting the production of lithium-ion batteries

How the rising demand and sales of electric vehicles in India are boosting the production of lithium-ion batteries in the country.

Metaverse spurs Augmented/Virtual Reality growth & the big shift from mobile to wearables ⭐

How is metaverse shifting the focus from mobile to wearables and spurring the growth of AR and VR?

Global IT spending & AI investment to pick up to fast-track digital transformation ⭐

Global IT spending and investment in artificial intelligence are bound to surge, and it will eventually fast-track the digital transformation.

Is football fated to fail in India?

Indian football, despite having tremendous potential, is still in...