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Steelbird SA-2 two-in-one helmet: All-weather protection on offer ⭐


Steelbird launched its SA-2 two-in-one helmet series recently that offers a premium fit and finish and a utility feature of neck pad ensuring a comfortable riding experience during winter and rain. Here is a review of the Steelbird SA-2 two-in-one helmet.

It is considered the first line of defence for any rider riding a motorcycle or a scooter. The better a helmet is the better chance of protection for the rider is guaranteed. While there is no dearth by the government and other organisations and agencies to create awareness about wearing helmets, we Indian’s majorly focus on wearing those only to save ourselves from police fines, but not to effectively save ourselves in case of any mishaps on roads.

There are several popular companies making and selling their helmets in the country. However, only a few of them has a strong market share. Such one is a Steelbird that has established itself as one of the major players with a wide range of helmets and riding accessories as well. In order to grab more market share, the company recently launched a new helmet christened as Steelbird SA-2 two-in-one.

This one is based on the same Steelbird SA-2 helmet but comes with its own distinctive perks. Steelbird describes it as an all-weather protector. We got our hands on the Steelbird SA-2 two-in-one helmet for a review. Now, before you go to buy this helmet, here are what we experienced while testing this.


Steelbird SA-2 two-in-one helmets are claimed to be available at a starting price of Rs 4,499. This might sound slightly premium for many buyers, but shelling out that amount to protect your precious head is probably and availing the additional protection for your neck and shoulder area in winter and rain is probably something you should consider while purchasing. This helmet is available in three different sizes, which are Medium (580 mm), Large (600 mm) and XL (620 mm).

Steelbird SA-2 2-in-1


While the prime objective of wearing a helmet is certainly riding safely, many young motorcyclists and scooter riders consider the style of a helmet as well, as it comes with a personalised statement. Speaking about the design of the Steelbird SA-2 two-in-one helmet, this one comes with a look that is identical to the Steelbird SA2 full-face helmet. Available in a wide variety of colour options with funky graphics, the glossy finished helmet grabs attention very easily.

The difference is made here by the detachable waterproof neck pad that comes with a zip. Steelbird claims that this has been designed to block the air during winters. It can be opened using the zipper as per the preference and comfort of the rider. This soft neck pad can be a saviour during heavy rain as well. The helmet also comes with a summer interior pack.

Made of a high-impact thermoplastic material shell, the helmet gets a high-density EPS and polycarbonate visor with an anti-scratch coating. It also comes with vortex generators on the visor ensuring lower air friction. A wind deflector ensures lower wind noise inside the helmet. It gets an anti-fog shield holder on the visor and also a visor locking mechanism.

Steelbird claims that the interior of this winter padding liner is made out of warm and soft fleece fabric., while the cheek pads too have the same fabric. The removable interior padding is washable, claims the company. Overall, this helmet comes sporty looking and it is aerodynamically efficient, while at the same time it offers practicality and better comfort.


The Steelbird SA-2 two-in-one helmet comes with multiple air vents in order to ensure ample ventilation. There are air vents at the front, right in front of the chin, which ensures that you can hear the rider’s voice easily without him or her taking up the visor. The air vents can be opened and closed by simply toggling the flaps.

The cushioning inside the helmet is pretty well and the cheek pads are soft enough to offer a comfortable feeling even if it is worn for a long time. The cheek pads can be removed and washed as per requirement. The shiny metallic quick-release buckle of this helmet is claimed to meet European standards.

Just like the Steelbird SA-2, this helmet too feels a bit heavy, owing to the original weight of the helmet and the neck pad as well. While at the beginning it might feel a bit uncomfortable for many but with time the experience seems comfortable. The neck pad is useful of course during winter as it protects the rider’s neck from cold air, but at some point, it feels uncomfortable. However, it may vary from rider to rider.

👍 👍 👍

  • Stylish and sporty
  • Multiple air vents
  • Neck protection

👎 👎 👎

  • Slightly pricier
  • Prone to get scratch
  • Bit heavy and uncomfortable

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