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Steelbird riding gloves review: To wear or not


Steelbird launched its full-finger and half-finger riding gloves series in 2021. The riding gloves come with a comfortable fit and finish. Here is a review of the Steelbird riding gloves.

India has the largest two-wheeler population in the world, be it motorcycles or scooters. Disappointingly, India also tops the list of road accidents and related deaths involving the two-wheelers. Not only deaths but these road accidents also cause a large number of severe injuries to the riders. A major cause behind these accidents and injuries is not wearing proper protective gear like helmets or riding gloves. While helmets save the rider’s head, neck and face from critical injuries, a proper riding glove can save his or her hands from getting battered.

Speaking about the riding gloves and accessories, Steelbird is one of the major Indian companies that have established itself in the segment of riding gears. The helmet giant has recently launched two new riding gloves, one full-finger and another half-finger. They sent both the gloves for reviewing and we tested them in various different conditions.

Here is what we found.


Both the Steelbird riding gloves are priced pretty affordably. While the full-finger riding glove is priced at Rs 599, the half-finger riding glove comes with a sticker price of Rs 529. We received the full-finger glove in a Black & Blue colour combination and the half-finger one in Grey colour. They are available in different sizes as per the riders’ requirements. Also, they are available at all Steelbird outlets and also, on the company’s official website as well.

Riding glove

Design and comfort:

The first thing noticeable in the newly introduced Steelbird riding gloves and which is the most satisfactory feature is that the full-finger come comes with touchscreen-friendly fingertip pads. As we checked it on multiple mobile devices, the riding glove works accurately on the touchscreen. The cushioned palm rest, and anti-skid fabric help in better grip. The velcro closer on the wrist makes it convenient to put on the glove and take off as well. The only problem we found is the slightly displaced middle knuckle padding. But that can be ignored considering the overall fitting and comfort it offers.

The half-finger riding glove too comes with velcro closer and ample comfort. It gets polyester fabric and ribbed fabric at the back for better movement. The palm gets synthetic perforated padding for better grip. Also, it gets knuckle protection ensuring better safety. However, taking it off can be a bit tidy affair, as we experienced, but that could vary from person to person.

Both the riding gloves come with breathable mesh fabric, that ensures a comfortable wearing experience. Both the riding gloves are pretty lightweight and suitable for outdoor activities. While we tested both the gloves for riding motorcycles and bicycles, they can be equally used for gym, hiking, rock climbing and camping as well.

👍 👍 👍

  • Lightweight
  • Multiple air vents
  • Affordable pricing

👎 👎 👎

  • Durability of fabric is questionable

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