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Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 helmet: To wear or not to wear ⭐


Steelbird launched its Aeronautics SA-2 helmet series in September. The helmets come with a premium fit and finish and an appealing design. Here is a review of the Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2.

Helmets are certainly the first line of defence for any motorcycle or scooter rider when it comes to protecting the rider from any physical impact during any mishap. The better the helmet is better the protection is. Ironically many motorcycle or scooter riders in India wear helmets just to save themselves from the police or a fine (Which is not at all very effective). However, it is always advisable to wear a good helmet for one’s safety. After all, safety is better than repentance!

When we talk about helmets available in India, a couple of brands dominate the helmet market and a major one among them is the Steelbird. The homegrown helmet manufacturer has a wide range of products and recently we got our hands on the Steelbird Aeronautics Aeronautics SA-2 helmet for review.

Now, before you go for buying this helmet, here are what we experienced while testing it.


Priced at Rs 3,849, Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 helmets were launched in September 2021. The helmets at this price range look pretty competitive with their overall design, functionalities and comfort on offer. The helmet is surely well capable to challenge the products from other rival brands in the segment.



Design is certainly one thing, every young motorcyclist or scooter rider looks for while purchasing a helmet. Speaking about the design of the Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 helmets, the build is atypical of full-face ones. This helmet comes available in a wide variety of colour options with exciting funky graphics that grab attention very easily.

The Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 helmet looks sporty thanks to the decals painted in bright colours that are unmistakable even in a thick crowd of riders. Also, the glossy finish of these helmets adds premiumness, which a rider would love without shelling a hefty amount of money. This helmet has been designed keeping the aerodynamic efficiency in focus, especially for the riders who would love to ride at high speed.



These helmets come with multiple air vents ensuring ample ventilation. The cheek pads are soft enough to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing the helmet for a long time. Also, you can remove and wash these cheek pads, which ensures a more hygienic use of the helmet. The Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 helmet gets a shiny metallic quick release buckle, which the manufacturer claims meets European standards.

With multiple air vents, the helmet ensures better ventilation. At the front, right in front of the chin, there is an air vent for air intake, which also helps the rider to speak without taking up the visor. The air vent can be closed with an easily moveable flap. On top as well, there are air vents that can be opened and closed by just toggling flaps.


Weight plays a key role for the riders to select and purchase helmets. The Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 helmet weighing 1,350 gm appears pretty comfortable. However, in the beginning, it might feel a bit heavy, but once the rider starts wearing it daily, he or she gets used to the weight and it seems perfect after some time.

Made of a high-impact thermoplastic material shell, the SA-2 helmet comes with a high-density EPS and polycarbonate visor with an anti-scratch coating. The Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 also gets vortex generators on the visor, which helps with lower air friction, while a wind deflector ensures lower wind noise inside the helmet. The helmet includes an anti-fog shield holder on the visor and also a visor locking mechanism.

The new Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 is available in three sizes – 580 mm (Medium), 600 mm (Large) and 620 mm (XL). The helmet complies with the BIS certified to conform to IS 4151:2015 norms.

👍 👍 👍

  • Stylish and sporty
  • Multiple air vents
  • Lower wind noise

👎 👎 👎

  • Slightly pricier
  • Glossy finish easy to get scratch

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