Sunday, May 28, 2023

Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2 helmet: To wear or not to wear ⭐


Steelbird launched its Aeronautics SA-2 helmet series in September. The helmets come with a premium fit and finish and an appealing design. Here is a review of the Steelbird Aeronautics SA-2. Helmets are certainly the first line of defence for any motorcycle or scooter rider when it comes to protecting the rider from any physical impact during any mishap. The better the helmet is better the protection is. Ironically many motorcycle or scooter riders in India wear helmets just to save themselves from the police or a fine (Which is not at all very effective). However, it is always advisable to wear a good helmet for one’s safety. After all, safety is better than repentance! When we talk about helmets available in India, a couple of brands dominate the helmet market and a major one among them is the Steelbird. The homegrown helmet manufacturer has a wide range of products and recently we got our...
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