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New motor vehicle rules are in force from October 1: All you need to know


From 1st October 2020, a number of new motor vehicle rules are in force, notified the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). These new motor vehicle rules are aimed at ensuring commuter convenience.

The MoRTH in a statement has said that, recently, it has issued notifications regarding various amendments in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, which were amended and came into effect from 1st September 2019. The new amendments ensure more hassle-free and paperless documentation process for the vehicle owners, ensuring more convenience for them.

According to the new motor vehicle rules, the maintenance of vehicular documents and e-challans can be done through the government portal. As the MoRTH claims, the usage of IT services and electronic monitoring will ensure better enforcement of the traffic rules across India. It also aims at reducing harassment of drivers and vehicle owners.

According to the new amendment enforced in the motor vehicle rules from 1st October across India, all the vehicular documents validated through electronic mediums will not require to be produced in physical forms for inspection. Also, the records of the traffic rule violators will be maintained electronically and the Government authorities will also monitor the driver behaviour through this.

Let us take a quick look at the new motor vehicle rule amendments:

Vehicular document verification go paperless

All the vehicular documents including driving licence, insurance papers, registration certificates; that are validated through electronic mediums need to be produced in physical forms during the inspection. The documents can be uploaded on Government’s Digi-locker or m-Parivahan apps. Both these two apps are available in Google Playstore and Apple App Store after e-signing, which is similar to self-attestation. One can register in these apps using the mobile number.

E-challans to be generated digitally

The traffic violation cases where the offender’s documents are required to be seized, will be done digitally. In case a drivers’ driving licence needs to be reported for disqualification or revocation for gross violations, Government authorities can record and report the violator’s report on the digital portal, which will be updated chronologically. The e-challans will also be available on the Government’s digital portal for the traffic violators.

No escape, no hassle

Through the electronic storage of traffic violators’ data, Government authorities will monitor the driver behaviour. Not only the traffic violators, but the Government portal will also keep a record of the timestamp of inspection and identity of the police officer or any other officer authorized by the State Government. This would prevent unnecessary re-checking or re-inspection of vehicles reducing harassment of the drivers.

Use mobile phones wisely while driving

Mobile phones or any other handheld communications devices while driving shall only be used for route navigation. Also, it must be used in such a manner that it shall not disturb the driver’s concentration while driving. Getting caught while using your mobile phones for any other purpose will lead the offender to be fined under the existing traffic norms.

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