Saturday, February 4, 2023

Is subsidising electric vehicles a sustainable proposition today? ⭐


The growth of electric vehicles in India and in the rest of the world is largely driven by government subsidies and incentives. Economically, is this subsidised system to boost electric mobility viable for the long term? During the last few years, several countries have taken huge initiatives in setting up electric vehicle parc, especially for two-wheelers and passenger cars. Recently we have seen buses also running on batteries. We have seen similar initiatives in the past when humanity faced energy crises and people were looking for alternative sources of energy. However, this time it is not only energy shortage but also global warming that is leading people to search for clean and available energy. The options are pure battery-operated vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles with a combination of battery and petrol/CNG or diesel or fuel cell vehicles. Pure electric vehicles carry a battery that can be charged from the grid power and is a convenient way of addressing our problems with conventional fuels and the negative impact on air quality in cities. The USP of electric vehicles is that they are sa...


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