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Into the wild and work from caravan


As we have adapted ourselves with work from home pattern, there are new work styles emerging in the new normal. Work from caravan could be one of them. Nissan NV350 Office Pod concept brings the idea into a possible reality.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic came into being and the lockdown was initiated by the governments across the world, the entire ecosystem around us across different sectors have seen a topsy turvy situation. There have been a host of changes across segments, and our workplaces too have adapted accordingly.

While the companies across the world went for reduction of their workforces, they also sent the rest of the employees to work from home, where applicable. A majority of the workforce across several sectors such as information technology, media etc have moved to a new work pattern – work from home (WFH).

Even when the economies around the world have started reopening and gradually the companies are starting to work from their designated mortar and brick establishments, the complete resumption of work from office seems unlikely, at least in near future. Hence, the combination of work from home and work from office is emerging, which is being dubbed as the hybrid work pattern.

Taking the workstations to their respective homes was a very unique challenge for employees when the pattern started early in 2020. However, with time, people have adapted to the new normal and it has been proven that work from home is actually making the workforce more productive, in several cases. However, the factors like tremendous work pressure, dissolving the barrier between work life and personal life, increasing mental stress have been putting massive pressure on the employees.

work from caravan

Workation is the new normal

While in everyday office life, employees used to face and overcome a lot of challenges, taking the entire office to their homes has brought an unprecedented and never-before-experienced situation. Apart from the abovementioned challenges, there are problems like a deviation that often leads people losing concentration on their works.

Hence, there is a new business model emerged in the hospitality industry. Several hotels, resorts are offering the employees who are working from their homes the blend of two things. They are offering special packages for work patterns such as work from mountains, work from the sea beach. These packages offer the comfort of a holiday at a place that people prefer to go during vacation, while the respective consumers can work from that place.

This new work pattern is dubbed as workation, blend of work and vacation.

Interestingly, many people who had to opt for work from home but wanted to stay away from their family in a bid to concentrate more on their works often took shelter in hotels and near a mountain, forest or sea. Rather say, they decided to work from the lap of nature, get the feel of a vacation, and continue work at the same time. In such cases, while their families have been busy outside roaming and sightseeing, the respective employees have been able to work in peace and with full concentration.

work from caravan

Work from caravan

Just like the work from mountain or work from seaside concept, there is another new concept emerging around us – work while roaming. But, while roaming, there are issues like logistics and infrastructure as well. But, wait. Mankind is never out of problems and known for resolving them with unique solutions as well. Here comes the work from caravan culture.

There are few automakers working on such type of concepts as well, which will spawn out a new caravan that comes with all the amenities to provide the consumer comfort of working from its interior while travelling to one place to another.

work from caravan

Nissan NV350: Digital nomad’s dream car

Based on the Nissan NV350, one of the most successful vans from the Japanese auto manufacturer, the NV350 caravan Office Pod concept appears to be a perfect example of what could be the future of work from caravan. The Nissan NV350 is a business vehicle for professionals and outdoor enthusiast, which could be the best buddy of those who loves adventure, travelling, and want to work while travelling – thanks to the office makeover it received.

The vehicle concept comes as an NV350 retrofitted with a smartphone-controlled retractable workspace, which expands outward from the back of the caravan into the open. It gets a complete workspace that can fit a desktop computer and a Herman Miller office chair as well. This concept vehicle allows the occupants to work from anywhere, as they prefer, with the help of the on all-terrain capable wheels.

You can practically do all your office work from beside the Ganges, or beside a highway, or sitting atop a low hilly area; all thanks to the Nissan NV350 Office Pod concept. The concept is the result of Nissan’s thought of trying to make work from home more enjoyable for people across the world.

The Nissan NV350 caravan office pod concept comes with front and rear fenders and body graphics to make it look like an all-rounder that is capable of handling both on-road and off-road terrains. Besides the retractable workspace at the back of the vehicle, Nissan has also included a luxurious roof balcony that can be accessed from the interior, in order to offer relaxation between works.

Making the interior more interesting is a transparent panel on the floor that enhances the style and connectivity to the outdoors. Nissan has unveiled the concept as part of the Nissan Customize 2021 initiative at the virtual Tokyo Auto Salon.

work from caravan

Why it is a unique concept?

While we have already habituated with work from home lifestyle, work from caravan is something very interesting. You could just pull up at a peaceful spot anywhere in the country and extend the office section out of the back of the van. Also, if you don’t find a very great spot to stop before a meeting begins, you could choose to just work inside without any distractions, especially if the electric shades are lowered.

Keep the mid-meeting desire for a snooze away with the built-in coffee station and perhaps head to the upstairs balcony for a break. Yes, there is an upstairs balcony connected with an interior staircase. The balcony comes with its own lounge chair.

Therefore, if the Nissan NV350 Office Pod comes into existence from the concept from, it will certainly be a great upgrade from the work from home pattern and could bring a new vehicle segment across the world, which many other automobile OEMs would love to follow in the post-pandemic world. After all, necessity and desire is the source of innovations.

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What are other options?

In India, Kia Carnival and Mercedes-Benz V-Class, Tata Winger, Force Traveller are the models that could don the work from caravan guise with modification. Apart from that Toyota Innova Crysta too could play the role with a bit modification like removal of the second and third-row seats.

Among other models Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Renault Kangoo, Chevrolet Express, Renault Trafic, Renault Master, Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Metris, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter etc are best suited for the purpose, with modification albeit.

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