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How technology shaping advertising industry ⭐


The advertising industry like many other sectors has been increasingly leveraging advanced technologies.

The development tools for online advertisements have significantly advanced during the past years. Today’s advertisements incorporate video, animation, and even interactive aspects. You’ll be overjoyed to learn that our country, which has one of the fastest expanding economies and the most significant consumer marketplaces in the world, has a sizable online market. Having said that, it is undoubtedly both diverse and challenging at the same time because business owners constantly need to develop new marketing and advertising strategies in order to keep one step ahead of their rivals.

The most effective method to handle these complications is to combine innovation and technology. From a tiny business to industry, the Indian advertising sector has undergone a profound transformation. As technology advanced, advertisements changed from being printed on paper to being published online and watched by people all over the world.

By adding technology into advertising, we are getting the term “Online Advertising” which is expanding quickly, despite the fact that traditional forms still have a sizable portion of devoted supporters. The country’s technological advancements have aided businesses in shifting their mindsets and focusing on internet advertising. Therefore, statistics show that Internet-based advertising is an increasing trend.

Online advertising for a brand or product is more effective and efficient because it saves so much time. Advertisements are published instantly and are not restricted by geographic limitations. It reaches consumers all over the world and contributes to the development of a worldwide brand. Advertisement campaigns are measurable and can be improved based on prior performance. The ability to display highly creative, content-related advertising to readers that are neither intrusive nor disruptive allows publishers to make more money.

Online advertising offers a variety of methods for posting an advertisement online, increasing its consumer appeal. The growth of online advertising in India is being aided by the rise of automation. Online advertising in India may soon replace other kinds of advertising as new channels are continually being launched.

Thanks to modern technology, small businesses today have an unmatched ability to engage with their target consumers, which has caused a significant change in how marketers develop advertising plans. In contrast to the shotgun-spatter approach used by yesterday’s mass media outlets, new advertising channels made possible by cutting-edge technology allow businesses to target small groups and individuals with personalised advertising messages while gathering feedback and measuring responses.

While automation in digital advertising has already gained significant popularity in industrialised nations, the rest of the globe is catching up to the trend. The practice of purchasing and selling advertisements directly or through agencies and ad networks has been replaced by programmatic advertising. As a result, there is more efficiency and openness between publishers and advertising.

How is technology helping to advertise? 

  • Use of the internet: Traditional advertising channels have become less effective as a result of the internet, but it has also given marketers fascinating new opportunities to connect with customers. Internet banner advertisements can be intelligently positioned on websites that target particular consumer groups far more successfully than mass media. Online videos, including news clips, might contain adverts that resemble television commercials. Free online games that offer an interactive experience and expose players to commercial messaging are conceivable. Email campaigns are one way for people to receive promotions and adverts.
  • Tools for development: Thanks to modern technology, advertisers can now produce more compelling and effective advertising for television, print, radio, and other platforms. Modern video editing tools can be used to produce advertisements that have something that attracts viewers’ attention and keeps them hooked to the screen. Social networking is proving to be a priceless tool for startups and small enterprises. Social networking sites offer a robust and cost-free distribution method in addition to enabling advertisers to involve customers in research and testing.
  • Faster connectivity: It has been observed that businesses are able to respond to their customers’ questions and problems immediately through social media platforms, 24/7 live chat choices, and email facilities thanks to the excellent deployment of digital technology in marketing. Businesses can better serve customers by producing precisely what they need at the time by using AI to forecast their desires and preferences. Buyers and sellers both benefit in this circumstance, which can undoubtedly be described as a win-win scenario.
  • More engagement: Personalized marketing, competitions, bargains, and offers have significantly increased as a result of increased customer involvement in smaller displays. By communicating with clients on channels where they can be quickly contacted, businesses are now able to build their brand value.
  • Enhancing brand reputation: Building a trustworthy relationship with the customers is made possible by attracting the target audiences and meeting their demands quickly. When you provide them with the services they need while they are comfortable in their own homes, you build a strong relationship with them that eventually encourages them to choose your brand repeatedly. They begin engaging with the brand and improving your brand’s reputation as a result.

Impact of technology in advertising:

  • Modern technology has tremendously improved advertisers’ ability to carry out market research and test advertisements. Online, vast amounts of consumer data are accessible, and computers can analyse feedback and opinion findings immediately. Online surveys can be used to engage opinion leaders by showing a potential advertisement to the audience and asking for opinions. Online surveys that expose the viewer to a proposed ad while collecting feedback can be used to engage opinion leaders, and virtual focus groups can bring people from all over the world together to view and provide input on advertising.
  • Everyone knows that print, television, and radio advertisements are the only forms of traditional marketing that have a broad reach. But as technology advances, marketing strategies are increasingly developed with consideration for digital communication channels including the internet, cellphones, tablets, email blasts, social media, Google AdWords, etc. The causes of their rising fame are no longer a mystery. They are affordable, guarantee quick and efficient connection with target audiences, which ultimately results in more conversions, and last but not least, improve relationships with clients throughout the world. In this way, digital technology is assisting businesses in capturing a lucrative and expanding online market, which is the goal of any business owner.

With more tech-savvy Indian customers choosing online platforms for purchases, firms need to have a robust online presence. New-age marketers can completely swear by the phrase “digital technology.” Without a doubt, the development of media has transformed business marketing methods. The ad business has seen a considerable transition as a result.

The ad industry’s glory was not entirely lost on the pandemic. The epidemic has forced the industry to seek superior technical and activation in addition to straining it to the breaking point.

Impact of Covid-19 on the Indian advertising industry:

  • The ad tech sector is no stranger to disruptions. It has overcome political unrest, economic decline, and even natural disasters over the years. The pandemic, meanwhile, was unlike anything they had ever encountered before. While the majority of the previous challenges were temporary, the pandemic is not comparable. It had to quickly overcome fresh difficulties and adjust to various new technology.
  • Restrictions on travel have had a significant negative impact on the ad tech sector’s revenue. Its previous earnings from major sporting events like the IPL, the World Cup, and other entertainment events are well recognised. During the pandemic, this enormous source of income was destroyed entirely.
  • Online advertisements have become more prevalent than ever. However, the business is weakened by the incapacity to take on tasks like product manufacturing and pitching, which are significantly influenced by direct client involvement.
  • The epidemic also had a significant impact on consumer behaviour. Due to the cancellation of major media events, the suspension of film and television production, and the confinement of people to their homes, the industry observed that television commercials surged dramatically while cinema advertisements significantly decreased.
  • Despite the distress, the sector has made a significant contribution to raising knowledge of Covid-19 etiquette all over the world. The ad tech sector was heavily reliant on both commercial and public players to localise the messaging of social distance, masking, hand washing, and immunisation.

In conclusion, as new technological trends arise, the world is changing, and so is the nature of marketing. When considering digital technology and its methods, it is not an overstatement to declare that they will undoubtedly become the foundation of success in all spheres of life. We firmly believe that the impact of digital technology on advertising will continue to multiply.

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(Purbasha Palit is a student of Journalism and Mass Communication from Amity University.)

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the author’s and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.)


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