Friday, December 9, 2022

Digital replicas of farms promise to transform agriculture ⭐


The future of agriculture lies in digital farming. By using a wide range of advanced tech-enabled applications, future agriculture promises to be more sustainable and inclusive. Imagine you’re standing at the edge of a wheat field in Punjab. In the distance, a combined harvester guided by GPS rolls across a field that has been levelled with the aid of a laser, as the farmer at the wheel monitors weather data on his or her phone. These tools, part of an approach to agronomy called precision agriculture, promise to increase yields and reduce costs by maximizing efficiency. That could help ensure the world grows enough food to feed an expanding population, even as climate change makes that task even harder. Making most of this possible is, Digital Twins, a technological innovation transforming the industrial world. Digital Twin market poised to cross US$73 billion Digital Twins, a digital replica of a physical object to observe its real-time performance, gather data, and recommend corrective actions if required to enhance its performance, is sweeping the industrial world like wildfire. The Digital Twin market is expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 60% to reach US$73.5 billion by 2027, from US$6.9 billion in 2022, per MarketsandMarkets research. T...


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