Friday, December 9, 2022

Corporate dilemma: Fixing the quiet quitting problem ⭐


Mass quitting has become a major crisis for the global work sector. Several corporate houses have seen a mass exodus of their employees. What went wrong? How to fix that? The term quiet quitting was initially coined at a Texas A&M University’s economics symposium on diminishing ambitions in Venezuela in September 2009 by economist Mark Boldger. The term continued to be used by other figures, including writer Nick Adams and economist Thomas Sowell. The film Office Space (1999) depicts a character engaging in quiet quitting; in the film, Ron Livingston’s character Peter Gibbons abandons the concept of work entirely and does the bare minimum required of him. However, the phrase gained currency in April 2021, during a movement in China that arose known as tang ping (“lying flat”). Tang ping shares many common characteristics with quiet quitting, although the concept of quiet quitting predates the movement. In 2022, quiet quitting expe...


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