Thursday, February 2, 2023

Mental Wellbeing

Talents seek organizations that offer psychological safety

The new age talents seek more than just money from their job. They seek comprehensive job satisfaction, which includes psychological safety as well. Here is how.

AFT podcast: Mental health and family

Family, our close ones being the reason for poor mental health. But, there are family members who can be the reason for many people’s poor mental health

Emotional intelligence for effective leadership

Leadership efficiency and emotional intelligence are deeply interconnected with each other.

How incarceration impacts prisoners and their families’ mental health ⭐

By Sophia Young Incarceration may be a judicial and rectification process for the criminals and convicts, but when in prison, their and their families' mental...

Neoclassical-behavioural synthesis: A significant development in economics ⭐

According to the neoclassical paradigm, people rank alternatives on the basis of their desirability and choose optimally. How do they behave? An analysis of...