Sunday, January 29, 2023


Productivity paranoia creates new tensions in workplace

Paranoia around productivity can backfire by creating tension and counterproductivity in the workplace. From firing employees for moonlighting to announcing 100% variable payment to the...

From Maslow to Modi

India has changed drastically over the last eight years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rule. What has changed? How has it changed? The change...

Talents seek organizations that offer psychological safety

The new age talents seek more than just money from their job. They seek comprehensive job satisfaction, which includes psychological safety as well. Here is how.

Pati and Rashtrapati

The President of India; should he or she be called Rashtrapati or Rashtrapatni? The gender-infused term brings a larger issue to the fore. What is that?

AFT podcast: Mental health and family

Family, our close ones being the reason for poor mental health. But, there are family members who can be the reason for many people’s poor mental health