Thursday, September 29, 2022


      The great redesign of organisations, work & workplaces ⭐

      Organisations around the world have been redesigning their work pattern keeping pace with the changing dynamics. Work and workplace dimensions, too, are changing accordingly.

      The big shift – from customer first to people first ⭐

      How have organisations been changing themselves from the customer-first to people-first approach? A deep dive.

      Power of small and medium businesses to achieve sustainability

      By Pauline LaravoireSmall and medium businesses can play a crucial role in achieving sustainability. Here's how.Sustainability does not have to be a complex concept....

      US reshoring initiative resets globalization

      A deep dive into how the US restoring initiative reset globalization.The pandemic and recent geopolitical tensions are resetting the world in many ways and...

      The age of changemakers – innovating out of a crisis

      Every crisis brings change through opportunities. The covid-19 pandemic too brought massive disruptions that became crisis and opportunity at the same time.Change happened at...