Friday, December 9, 2022

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Brouhaha over Honda Motorcycles trumping over Hero MotoCorp

Once a partner, now rivals, Honda Motorcycles and Hero MotoCorp relations have impacted the Indian two-wheeler space greatly. How and why?

Russia-Ukraine war becomes world’s first crypto-funded conflict

The Russia-Ukraine war is unique in many ways. One of them is it being the first crypto-funded conflict.

The jobs of the future will be what Artificial Intelligence can’t do ⭐

Artificial Intelligence has been driving major change in the work sector across different domains. However, not everything AI can perform will be there, and those will be the future job roles.

Circular economy: The way of sustainable profitability

The circular economy has been increasingly gaining popularity around the world, in various sectors. Why it is important for a sustainable and better future.

Corporate dilemma: Fixing the quiet quitting problem ⭐

Mass quitting has become a major crisis for the global work sector. Several corporate houses have seen a mass exodus of their employees. What went wrong? How to fix that?