Friday, February 3, 2023

International Relations

Russia-Ukraine war becomes world’s first crypto-funded conflict

The Russia-Ukraine war is unique in many ways. One of them is it being the first crypto-funded conflict.

Afghanistan: Cultural dilemma and need for change

Afghanistan is a land where many different cultures have been growing for ages. There are dilemmas and rigidity which should be changed. Why and how?

US reshoring initiative resets globalization

A deep dive into how the US restoring initiative reset globalization. The pandemic and recent geopolitical tensions are resetting the world in many ways and...

A Lehman Brothers moment for China; it’s already in a balance-sheet recession ⭐

The turmoil in China's markets has sparked debate among some economists over the possibility of a “balance sheet recession. No, it wasn’t an increasingly hostile...

Ukraine war: A business case for Starlink LEO communication network

Amidst the multidimensional aspects of the Russia-Ukraine war, one is cyber warfare, where Starlink has taken a key role. The war has proven to...