Friday, December 1, 2023

International Relations

Vertical globalization: Emergence of new geopolitical technology blocs

The emergence of technology blocs worldwide has created a new geopolitical development, resulting in vertical globalization.

EU’s CBAM: How will it impact Indian industry and exports?

If Indian businesses aspire to integrate themselves into the global value chain and the future trading order driven by a critical mass of countries riding the green wave, they must proactively study and engage in discussions on carbon measures with relevant stakeholders.

Russia-Ukraine war becomes world’s first crypto-funded conflict

The Russia-Ukraine war is unique in many ways. One of them is it being the first crypto-funded conflict.

Afghanistan: Cultural dilemma and need for change

Afghanistan is a land where many different cultures have been growing for ages. There are dilemmas and rigidity which should be changed. Why and how?

US reshoring initiative resets globalization

A deep dive into how the US restoring initiative reset globalization. The pandemic and recent geopolitical tensions are resetting the world in many ways and...