Sunday, February 5, 2023


Impact of mass-micro-mobility on sustainability

Pandemic-induced need for personal mobility has boosted the mass-micro-mobility across India. How can it be a medium to achieve sustainability?

Power of small and medium businesses to achieve sustainability

By Pauline Laravoire Small and medium businesses can play a crucial role in achieving sustainability. Here's how. Sustainability does not have to be a complex concept....

Electric vehicles and their different avatars! ⭐

Electric vehicles have been witnessing a surge in demand and sales around the world. Keeping pace with that, several automakers are launching new models...

Health & happiness. Pets or plants?

Pets and plants have a direct connection with a person's health and happiness or wellbeing. What should you choose, if you are asked to...

New vehicle scrappage policy 2021 to scrap out India’s pollution worries

By Parul Nagpal and Gulsheen Kaur The vehicle scrappage policy 2021 has been formed with multidimensional targets. Eliminating polluting vehicles from Indian roads while boosting...