Friday, December 1, 2023


Renewable energy vital for EVs, revving up decarbonisation

Renewable energy is crucial for electric vehicles to achieve the decarbonisation target. Here's why and how. The global automobile industry is dramatically shifting toward electrification...

Tesla facing competitive heat across its value chain: Here’s how

Tesla has been facing the heat of tough competition in its value chain, from battery tech to new models. An analysis. Leading global automakers, from...

Clean energy transition quickens, as low-carbon investments cross $1 trillion

Clean energy transition has been gaining pace around the world with the low-carbon investments crossed the $1 trillion threshold. Clean Tech has emerged as one...

Clean energy jobs outstrip fossil-fuel employment for the first time

Transition to clean energy will strip employment out of a large chunk of the global workforce, which has been conventionally connected to fossil fuel. Clean...

The upward trajectory of electric vehicle in India boosting the production of lithium-ion batteries

How the rising demand and sales of electric vehicles in India are boosting the production of lithium-ion batteries in the country.