Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Tesla facing competitive heat across its value chain: Here’s how

Tesla has been facing the heat of tough competition in its value chain, from battery tech to new models. An analysis. Leading global automakers, from...

Clean energy transition quickens, as low-carbon investments cross $1 trillion

Clean energy transition has been gaining pace around the world with the low-carbon investments crossed the $1 trillion threshold. Clean Tech has emerged as one...

Clean energy jobs outstrip fossil-fuel employment for the first time

Transition to clean energy will strip employment out of a large chunk of the global workforce, which has been conventionally connected to fossil fuel. Clean...

As the new cars get pricier, the used luxury car market witnesses substantial growth

By Sumit Garg With the substantial rise in new car prices, the used luxury car market is witnessing significant growth. Even many new-age first-time buyers...

AFT Podcast: Hindustan Ambassador – What it means to India and Indians

Hindustan Ambassador is not just a car; it's an emotion and a part of India's automotive and manufacturing history.