Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Impact of mass-micro-mobility on sustainability

Pandemic-induced need for personal mobility has boosted the mass-micro-mobility across India. How can it be a medium to achieve sustainability?

Electric vehicles and their different avatars! ⭐

Electric vehicles have been witnessing a surge in demand and sales around the world. Keeping pace with that, several automakers are launching new models...

India announces new vehicle insurance rates

A key factor leading to the hike in vehicle insurance is the insurance premiums' impact on insurance policies' overall prices. Motor vehicle insurance rates in...

Retrofitting electric vehicles can’t be generic, needs customisation: Omega Seiki MD

Retrofitting of electric vehicles is a viable solution to shift to electric mobility but that needs careful customisation, instead of being sold as off-the-shelf...

Living with EV fire is as normal as ICE fire

EV fires are not going anywhere and with the increasing size of the electric vehicle fleet, such cases too would see a cumulative rise...