Friday, December 1, 2023

Tech Prime

Global IT spending & AI investment to pick up to fast-track digital transformation ⭐

Global IT spending and investment in artificial intelligence are bound to surge, and it will eventually fast-track the digital transformation.

How clinical trials get a pandemic push? ⭐

How have clinical trials received a pandemic boost for product development?

5G in AgTech can create 22 million farm jobs & unlock $12 trillion opportunity ⭐

How can 5G aid the Indian farming sector through the agritech segment and create employment?

How augmented reality is impacting and changing business dynamics? ⭐

Augmented reality is increasingly making its way into the product and service businesses and changing the dynamics of the industry.

Amazon poised to transform pharma, logistics, payments, small business lending ⭐

Amazon has been transforming various sectors with a technology-enabled approach. A deep digging into the fact. From books to movies to shopping and cloud services,...