Sunday, January 29, 2023

Economy Prime

      The big shift – from customer first to people first ⭐

      How have organisations been changing themselves from the customer-first to people-first approach? A deep dive.

      Neoclassical-behavioural synthesis: A significant development in economics ⭐

      According to the neoclassical paradigm, people rank alternatives on the basis of their desirability and choose optimally. How do they behave? An analysis of...

      A Lehman Brothers moment for China; it’s already in a balance-sheet recession ⭐

      The turmoil in China's markets has sparked debate among some economists over the possibility of a “balance sheet recession. No, it wasn’t an increasingly hostile...

      Digital replicas of farms promise to transform agriculture ⭐

      The future of agriculture lies in digital farming. By using a wide range of advanced tech-enabled applications, future agriculture promises to be more sustainable...

      End of good times; an ominous ring of past ⭐

      A confluence of crises is sweeping through the world, hammering the economies around the world. Is it indicating an even larger crisis ahead? On an...