Monday, September 26, 2022

AFT Prime

      How clinical trials get a pandemic push? ⭐

      How have clinical trials received a pandemic boost for product development?

      5G in AgTech can create 22 million farm jobs & unlock $12 trillion opportunity ⭐

      How can 5G aid the Indian farming sector through the agritech segment and create employment?

      How augmented reality is impacting and changing business dynamics? ⭐

      Augmented reality is increasingly making its way into the product and service businesses and changing the dynamics of the industry.

      The great redesign of organisations, work & workplaces ⭐

      Organisations around the world have been redesigning their work pattern keeping pace with the changing dynamics. Work and workplace dimensions, too, are changing accordingly.

      What is the real purpose of education? ⭐

      Getting a degree should not be the real purpose of education. What should be the aim of education?Education is something we desire for our...