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BattRE LoEV ride review: Nimble ride, tight on comfort


BattRE LoEV offers a nimble ride experience through the city traffic, but it’s tight on comfort level for a slightly longer ride.

India has entered the age of electric vehicles for quite some time. Despite early hesitation, the consumers have started accepting the new reality and new technology with wide-open arms, resulting in a rising number of sales for electric vehicles in the country. The growth momentum of electric vehicles in India is majorly driven by electric two-wheelers, specifically electric scooters.

A key aggregator in this rising demand scenario is the growing emphasis on personal mobility in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic and related concerns around social distancing etc. Other influencing factors include the rising number of electric vehicles in the two-wheeler space, governmental push for electric mobility through several EV policies announced by both Centre and state governments, increased awareness about climate change and vehicular emission’s contribution to it.

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  • BattRE LoEV
  • BattRE LoEV
  • BattRE LoEV
  • BattRE LoEV
  • BattRE LoEV
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  • BattRE LoEV
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  • BattRE LoEV
  • BattRE LoEV

The electric two-wheeler segment is dominated by not the legacy players but startups. One such is the BattRE, which sells two models – One and LoEV. The BattRE One is a funky and sporty looking electric scooter, while the LoEV is a more conventional-looking e-scooter, but has similar riding dynamics and characteristics to its sibling.

What does the BattRE LoEV electric scooter have on offer? We tried to find out in our comprehensive ride review.


BattRE LoEV design

Unlike the LoEV BattRE One which comes with funky and eye-catching styling, the LoEV gets a more traditional visual appearance. It gets a flat handlebar with sleek LED turn indicators integrated into them. The front apron houses a headlamp cluster and bifurcated LED daytime running lights.

The scooter gets a fully digital instrument cluster showing various information such as distance covered, speed, charge level. Instead of showing the battery percentage, the display comes with a voltameter. There is storage space that allows the rider to keep a small water bottle and some other knick-knacks. A USB charging point is there that allows the rider to charge mobile devices. There are a host of switches on both sides fitted to the handlebar.


There is a flat footboard with ample space for the rider to position his or her legs. The scooter gets wide seats with ample cushioning. However, with two occupants, the pillion rider can feel a bit uncomfortable, especially with the backrest fitted to the scooter. However, the backrest can be opened for better seating comfort. The sturdy footpegs and thick grab rails come allowing more seating comfort for the pillion rider.

Moving to the back of the scooter, it gets a large and chunky looking LED taillight with amber turn indicator lights. The battery is positioned under the seat and it can be retracted from its designated space for charging at home. The battery comes with an indicator that shows the charge level. Also, the under-seat storage is enough to put some papers and small things. However, if you try to put a helmet there, you will be disappointed.

The scooter runs on 10-inch alloy wheels wrapped with meaty rubbers. Both the front and rear wheels get disc brakes. For suspension duty, the scooter gets front telescopic forks and hydraulic coils at the rear.


BattRE LoEV specification

BattRE LoEV gets juice from a 60V 28Ah removable lithium-ion battery pack. This 1.6 kWh battery pack is combined with an electric motor that is claimed to offer up to 60 km running range on a single charge. Strangely the manufacturer doesn’t provide the maximum power and torque output of this electric scooter.

There are three different riding modes. In the third mode, which is Sport, the scooter runs at a top speed of 44 kmph. Riding in this mode would deliver around 50 km range, as we tested the scooter in city traffic. The other two modes offer lower speeds but a better range eventually. Like other electric scooters available in the market, this one too offers regenerative braking when the brake is applied.

The scooter comes with a keyless ignition system. Offered with a key fob, the scooter can be started, locked and unlocked using the remote, which is an interesting feature in the budget segment.

Charging the battery is pretty convenient, given that it is a removable one, not a fixed one. The lithium-ion battery takes around three hours to be fully charged. BattRE offers a three-year warranty on both the scooter and battery as well.


BattRE LoEV ride impressions

We had the chance to ride the low-speed electric scooter for a fair amount of time in different traffic conditions in and around the city. On the open stretch with smooth road and low traffic, the BattRE LoEV offers brisk and nimble performance, making it a pretty impressive riding machine.

The acceleration capability in the Sport mode is pretty smooth and quick. Also, riding in this mode means the scooter can run at a top speed of 44 kmph, which is not very surprising for a two-wheeler, but is interesting when it is an electric scooter.

However, riding on roads full of potholes and speed breakers will snatch away that fun feeling. The suspension of the scooter is on the stiffer side making the ride a bit harsh on such roads. In a nutshell, the suspension setup of this electric scooter is not very comfortable in a bumpy road, as it is on a smooth one.

Speaking about the braking performance of the scooter, the disc brakes do the task just perfectly. The majority of the low-speed electric scooters in the Indian market are available with drum brakes at this price point. The BattRE LoEV on the other hand gets discs on both wheels for braking duty, which ensures a precision braking performance.

Speaking about the range of the scooter, it would be best if the manufacturer can provide the available range and remaining range on the instrument cluster, as the battery icon does not show the remaining charge, but the remaining volt of the battery. Also, even if the company decides to show the remaining charge in percentage mode in the display panel, that would be a help for the rider.

Overall, priced at Rs 59,900 (ex-showroom), the BattRE LoEV is a peppy, fun-to-ride electric scooter that is practical and nimble. It can be used for regular commuting in and around the city without any second thought. However, taking it for a slightly longer ride would be a risky affair given that it is after all a low-speed electric scooter and has really limited range.

👍 👍 👍

  • Swift and quick acceleration
  • Precision braking
  • Practicality

👎 👎 👎

  • No battery percentage display
  • Backrest cushioning
  • Stiff suspension

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