Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Carbon fibre in EV is the future

By Nikhil Das and Tilak Gowda Carbon fibre is known for its rigidity and lightweightness. How this material can be the future of electric vehicles? Sustainable...

Loss aversion: A general bias

Aanchal Sharma Loss aversion is a behavioural bias that speaks to people's propensity to feel the agony of losses more keenly than the joy of...

As the new cars get pricier, the used luxury car market witnesses substantial growth

By Sumit Garg With the substantial rise in new car prices, the used luxury car market is witnessing significant growth. Even many new-age first-time buyers...

EU’s CBAM: How will it impact Indian industry and exports?

If Indian businesses aspire to integrate themselves into the global value chain and the future trading order driven by a critical mass of countries riding the green wave, they must proactively study and engage in discussions on carbon measures with relevant stakeholders.

Pati and Rashtrapati

The President of India; should he or she be called Rashtrapati or Rashtrapatni? The gender-infused term brings a larger issue to the fore. What is that?

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Yellow taxi: Kolkata losing its iconic carriers

Kolkata and its yellow taxis are very much synonymous,...

Kia Motors to invest $25 billion under Plan S; eyeing EVs, combat vehicles

Kia Motors, which was once the synonym of cheap...

Health & happiness. Pets or plants?

Pets and plants have a direct connection with a...