Sunday, February 5, 2023

Amazon poised to transform pharma, logistics, payments, small business lending ⭐


Amazon has been transforming various sectors with a technology-enabled approach. A deep digging into the fact. From books to movies to shopping and cloud services, Amazon has been disrupting businesses ever since its humble beginnings in 1994. In 2021, Amazon’s total consolidated net sales revenue amounted to US$469.82 billion. North America was the biggest operations segment, accumulating over US$279 billion in net sales during the year. CB Insights has now analyzed how the corporate behemoth is poised to chart an even more aggressive path to foray into a slew of new businesses and disrupt those in the process. Four industries in Amazon’s cross-hairs There are four industries where Amazon’s disruptive intentions are the clearest today — pharmacies, small business lending, logistics, and payments. The disruptive possibilities in these industries — home & garden, insurance, smart home, and luxury fashion — remain speculative for now, but with Amazon’s scale and advantages, they could soon be a reality, according t...


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