Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Agnipath scheme: An unbiased comprehensive know it all review ⭐


The Indian government has introduced its ambitious and dramatic Agnipath scheme that defines a completely revised recruitment policy for the defence forces of the country. This has created quite a ruckus across the country igniting violence. The Indian government on 14th June 2022 approved a highly ambitious and dramatic recruitment scheme for the Indian youth to serve in the armed forces of the country, which is dubbed as Agnipath scheme and the youth selected under this scheme is bound to be known as Agniveers. While this comes as a massive change in the conventional recruitment system for the Indian armed or defence force, it has created a huge ruckus across the country with people protesting violently. While the government and ruling party claims Agnipath will allow patriotic and motivated youth to serve in the armed forc...
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