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A mind-controlled Honda motorcycle? Work in progress


Honda Motorcycles has filed a patent for a hyper-advanced mind-controlled motorcycle that will explore brain-wave detection technology for future safety systems.

A mind-controlled Honda motorcycle seems to be a reality in the distant future.

Yes, Honda Motorcycles has filed a patent for a hyper-advanced mind-controlled motorcycle technology, which will be controlled by the rider’s helmet with inbuilt neural sensors. These sensors will pick up the rider’s stream of thoughts to control the Honda motorcycle.

The new mind-control technology will help partially controlling the Honda motorcycle’s settings and assistance systems.

This seems pretty exciting and way above the autonomous technology that everyone in the automotive world is talking about nowadays. Also, this appears to be one of the wildest patents ever filed by any motorcycle manufacturer across the world.

Despite Honda filed the patent for this advanced technology, a realistic implementation appears a decade away. However, Honda has started working on this futuristic technology based on advanced robotics.

Honda Motorcycle patent

Well, it is true that every motorcycle rider’s riding behaviours are controlled by their mind, which sends the signal to their limbs to control the motorcycle’s functions. The latest technology would enable the brain signals directly controlling the motorcycle’s behaviour. Therefore, it would be a more efficient and direct connection between the man and the machine.

However, don’t expect that a mind-controlled Honda motorcycle would turn left or stop according to the rider’s thought. Instead, the technology is about partially changing the motorcycle’s settings and assistance systems.

Honda Motorcycle patent

The Honda motorcycle’s onboard computer will be paired with a helmet that will get a host of inbuilt neural sensors. The computer will pick up the rider’s brain signals and adjust the required settings accordingly.

So what type of functions can be controlled?

According to the patent filed by Honda motorcycles, the motorcycle will be able to sense inputs from the rider’s brain. For example, if the rider thinks about popping the front wheel up, the technology would assist by taking over control of various systems of the motorcycle automatically and assist the rider in lifting the front-end up by minimizing traction control and increasing power on the rear wheel. Also, it will adjust riding modes accordingly.

Honda Motorcycle patent

Majority of the modern premium motorcycles come with a wide range of riding assist technologies including wheelie control, traction control, power modes among others. Apart from that like car infotainment systems, several premium motorcycles too come with connectivity features, infotainment systems.

Ducati’s latest Multistrada V4 is the first motorcycle to feature an active radar system on board that allows active cruise control and collision warning among others. With such technologies, the motorcycles not only offer the rider peace of mind with better safety but a smoother and more comfortable riding experience as well.

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