Friday, December 9, 2022

A cluttered deep space and limitless AI opportunities ⭐


AI-enabled deep space services are set to become an industry-wide trend, particularly in the downstream and satellite operations areas, over the next few years, creating widespread opportunities. Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are teaming up with NASA to put artificial intelligence (AI) to work on mundane orbital tasks, starting with the chore of checking spacewalkers’ gloves for wear and tear. That’s just one of two dozen experiments in AI, cloud and edge computing that have been run on HPE’s Spaceborne Computer-2 since the hardware was sent to the space station a year ago. Microsoft aims to bring AI to space and empower space developers off the planet with Azure, and it’s enabling the ability to build in the cloud and then deploy in space. But this is just the beginning. AWS introduced Snowcone a couple of years ago as an addition to AWS’ Snow Family. It essentially allows for edge computing and data transfer in disconnected environments. It is a tiny little device, small enough to fit inside the average backpack and light enough to...


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